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Learning Support

At Sandspit Road School, student learning is supported in a host of ways.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of teacher aides who work across our school.  In line with Ministry of Education best practice our teacher aides work predominantly within the classroom to support students and teachers in an inclusive manner.  We have a supportive Board of Trustees who value the work of teacher aides and provide additional funding annually toward this resource.

English Language Learners are supported by a structured programme designed to assist in developing their English and enable them to better access the curriculum.

We have a Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who is responsible for accessing support for learners.  Within the scope of what is offered by the Ministry of Education, our SENCO is able to apply for a range of additional support for learners including RTLB, Moderate Needs, Behaviour Support, High Health Needs, In Class Support, Speech Language Therapy, ORS.  Our SENCO works closely with teachers and families to achieve the best possible outcome for students.  As with all schools, our SENCO is required to work within the brief of each support provided by the Ministry of Education.  While every effort is made to secure support, an application does not automatically produce external support.  Often parents will be asked to provide supporting information by coming and meeting with the SENCO.  

Our SENCO is Christine Hutchinson. 

You can contact Christine through the school office or by email at hutchinsonc@sandspit.school.nz