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Our learning spaces and teachers:


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Room 7

Junior Years 0-3

During years 0-3 ākonga (learners) are developing patterns of behaviour, thinking and interaction that strengthen their conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers, as learners and as contributors to their communities.  In Years 0-3 there is huge growth in learners' foundations in oral language, reading, writing and mathematics - all of which set the foundations for future learning.   During these years ākonga build a rich library of experiences across all learning areas and their experiences nurture their curiosity and questioning.

Our learning spaces and teachers:    

Pahekoheko -                    Year 1 -Amy Nancarrow 

Room 2-   Piwakawaka        Year 2 and 3 - Becky Curd     

Room 3-   Kaaeaea             Year 3 - Vaseva Togamalo

Room 6-   Kaahu                 Year 1 -Gemma Coombe 

Room 7-    Tauhou               Year 2 - Nicola Dobbie 

                                     Room 2                                                                 Room 3                                                                                              Room 6

                 Room 6                                                                                   Room 1                                                                                                  Room 7

Middle Years 4-6

In years 4-6 ākonga (learners) increasingly use their reading, writing and mathematics knowledge and skills to support their learning in and across other learning areas, while also continuing to expand their knowledge. Ākonga grow their understanding of how they can transfer their skills across learning areas.  They take part in a growing range of activities that draw on and strengthen their school learning.  Opportunities for participation in a range of interschool activities become available and are encouraged, (these include choir, mathex, sports representation). 

Room 8 -Kootare        Year 4 Sarah Brady

Room 9 - Warou          Year 4 and 5 Shontae Morrison

Room 10- Kootuku      Year 5 and 6 Briar Shackleton

Room 11- Ngutu Pare Year 5 and 6 Jamie Lambert

Room 12- Kuaka         Year 5 and 6  Louise Callander

                                           Room 8                                                                                      Room 9                                                                                        Room 10

                                                                                                         Room 11                                                                                                                                   Room 12                             

Intermediate Years 7-8

Year 7-8 ākonga are emerging adolescents.  They increasingly have a social conscience and seek to connect their learning to the world around them and to make connections to the impact they have on the community and world.  They use their growing inter-disciplinary knowledge to ask questions and seek answers from a range of sources to help solve real-life problems.  Ākonga in years 7 & 8 are purposeful, deliberate, curious and critical thinkers who begin to associate their interests with future pathways for learning and career.  During years 7 & 8 ākonga are encouraged to take up leadership opportunities. 

Ohurua learning space

Team Leader:  Mrs Tineke Dippenaar

Mr Adam Harbott

Miss Nicole Churches