Enrolment Scheme

The Board of Trustees of Sandspit Road School has implemented an enrolment scheme as directed by the Ministry of Education under Section 11H(1) of the Education Act 1989.  The enrolment zone is:

Starting at the intersection of Kohekohe-Karioitahi Rd and Kaihau Rd travel north east along Kaihau Rd. Travel north along Awhitu Rd to the intersection with McGowan Rd (excluded). Retract south along both sides of Awhitu Rd (Tahunapa Rd included) continuing along King St (both sides included). Travel south west along Constable Rd (Leonard St and Butchers Bridge Rd excluded). Continue along Karioitahi Rd (204-606 & 143-685 only. Honey Rd excluded) to meet the coast. Follow the coastline north cutting east to meet the end of Aldred Rd. Travel north along Kohekohe-Karioitahi Rd back to the starting point.

Copies of the scheme which includes a full description and a map are available from the school office.

Application for out of zone enrolments are welcome.