sandspit road school


The Education Act requires all children to attend school unless prevented by special home circumstances or illness. Please notify the school before 9:00 a.m. if your child is absent for any reason. The school will contact home if a child does not arrive by 9:30 a.m. We are concerned to ensure all children who set out for school have arrived safely. 


We believe the following rights apply in our school:

Teachers and Pupils have a right to work in a pleasant classroom environment

Teachers have a right to expect appropriate standards of behaviour from their pupils.

All pupils have a right to play safely in the playground

Teachers and pupils have the right to expect that property will be treated with respect

All pupils are expected to obey the following rules.

1.Be kind to others: Don't hurt anyone by what you say or do. Don't punch, kick, hit, swear, name call, or hurt people's feelings.

2.Keep in the right place: Play in the correct areas. Don't leave the school without permission. Be in the classroom at all appropriate times. Orderly behaviour is expected in and around the school and in the buses.

3.Treat all property carefully: Look after school property and other people's property. Put all rubbish in bins. Do not use chewing gum.

Children who break the rules will be required to attend a lunchtime detention. Parents will be informed by letter home and asked to sign and return the letter acknowledgement slip. Please support us in maintaining a fair and safe school environment.


School starts at 8:55 a.m. and finishes at 3:00 p.m. There is a morning break at 10:45 - 11:15 a.m. and a lunch break from 12:45 - 1:25pm. Lunch hours will not be shortened because of wet weather. School should finish each day at 3:00pm unless you are given notification of early closing.


Children from Year 4 and older may ride their bikes to and from school with their parents' permission. The law requires that all cyclists must wear an approved helmet and have a road-worthy bike. Bikes must be walked in and out of the grounds and across the pedestrian crossing after school if cycling towards Waiuku. Bikes are not to be ridden on the Sandspit Road footpath. Roller blades and skateboards are not allowed at school unless it is a special Wheels Day.


The Board of Trustees (B.O.T.) is responsible for governing the school and consists of elected parents, a staff representative, the Principal and co-opted members. The principal is the school's leader in professional matters and in its day-to-day running. Monthly Board meetings are open to the public.


Children have the opportunity to buy books and software through the Scholastic Book Club. A brochure is sent home with the children. There is no obligation to buy. Please send order forms and money in a named envelope. Books will be distributed 2 - 3 weeks after the order is placed.


Pupils are eligible for transport assistance if they are:

Students who live more than 3.2 km away by the shortest pedestrian route.

Pupils who live closer than those distances are required to pay $40 per term, $60 per family or $2 per day to use the bus. A teacher checks bus lines off each afternoon.


We are a BYOD school with students from years 5-8 encouraged to bring their own device for their learning.  Chromebooks and laptops are the most suitable devices to access the range of google suite tools that are utilised across learning programmes.  Phones and tablets are not suitable.


The school takes no responsibility for cell phones that have been brought to school. 


The school encourages daytime excursion with all classes and longer periods away from the school with Year 5 - Year 8, as a means of widening the horizons of these children living in a small rural town. A signed consent form is needed from parents.


Should any problem emerge with your child the class teacher will contact you, either by telephone or a note, so that the situation can be discussed and resolved as early as possible. If you have a concern about your child please feel free to make an appointment with the class teacher, syndicate leader or principal as soon as possible. It is important that you make an appointment with the person you wish to talk to. Any serious complaint about an aspect of school life should be made to the Principal.


Sandspit Road School Board of Trustees has opted into the Government's donation scheme.  Family donations will not be sought.


Our hall is available to community groups on some evenings and weekends. A kitchen is available. Bookings can be made through the school office. A charge is made for hirage.


All children have their hearing and vision tested in their first year at school. When testers visit the school, opportunities are given for teachers and parents to refer older children whose hearing or vision is of concern. You will be contacted if your child does not pass the checks.


All children are encouraged to do some homework. In the early years this will be reading and talking about the school day. When a child reaches Year 3 the learning of spelling words and basic number facts will accompany the reading. As children move through the senior area of the school their tasks increase and will often include some written activities.


No jewellery, other than a wristwatch should be worn at school. The only exception is jewellery that has a cultural significance to the wearer; in this case a letter from a parent explaining the significance would be expected. Only stud earrings in pierced ears may be worn. No nail polish is to be worn.


Once children have arrived at school they are not permitted to leave the school grounds until dismissal time at the end of the day, unless permission has been given to the school by the parent or caregiver. Children must return a signed consent form prior to class or group trips away from school.


All children should have a library book at home for reading except during school holidays. Please encourage your children to read at home every day, to care for the books and return them before the due date. A book bag to carry the book saves wear and tear in school bags. The bedtime story is the best approach for most primary children, with parents reading the story to or with the children. The emphasis must be on enjoyment. Your help is welcome in the library.


Please put your child's name on all belongings and all items of clothing. In the swimming season, all clothing, togs and towels should be named. Togs and towel should be brought in a named plastic bag. Clothing found each day will be placed in the lost property box outside Room 6. If your child has lost any garment, please come and check in this box. Lost property is displayed regularly at assemblies. In the interests of hygiene the box will be emptied once a month. Socks, underwear and hankies will be burnt and towels will be washed for classroom use. Other clothing will be kept for a term before being sent to a charity for use or sale. Please remember that while teachers do their best to help your child find their lost property they are not responsible for your child's clothing or other items brought from home.


Please provide a healthy lunch for your child. Do not include lollies, fizzy drinks or chocolate in lunches as these affect your child's ability to learn. There is a canteen at the school offering healthy food for those that wish to buy their lunch. Orders are collected at the beginning of the school day and delivered in time for lunch.  The school lunch scheme operates only on Fridays.


Please notify us if your child has a health condition or there is a family situation we should know about. Confidentiality will be maintained.


If you wish to communicate with your child while they are at school please leave a message at the office, preferably before lunch time and it will be passed on to them. Children who wish to go and play with their friends after school must arrange this with both sets of parents on the previous day. They may not ring their parents from the school for this purpose.


As a New Zealand school, with approximately 25% or our children being Maori, it is important that the bicultural nature of New Zealand is acknowledged at our school. This can occur through class programmes, additional programmes, such as Kapa Haka and by incorporating Taha Maori in our programmes. We aim to affirm our Maori children and to develop understanding and acceptance of Maori among all our children.


Money sent to school for stationery and school activities should be placed in a sealed envelope with the child's name, room number, amount of money and purpose clearly shown. The correct amount would be appreciated, as change is not readily available. Children are discouraged from bringing large sums of money to school and we will not accept responsibility for any money lost by the children during the course of their day. If large sums of money are necessary then children are encouraged to leave it at the office or with their class teacher until 3p.m.


Parents of new entrants are asked to enrol at the school office well in advance of their 5th birthday, when possible. This assists us with class placements. Parents are encouraged to visit the school with their child up to three times prior to starting. These visits can be arranged by contacting the school office. Visits are on Friday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30 am. It would be appreciated if no other children accompany you on this visit. The kindergartens also arrange for school visits for those approaching five. Please tell others about pre-enrolments and visits, as we are not always able to contact people who do not already have an association with the school. Please remember to bring along your child's birth certificate and immunisation certificate signed by your GP when enrolling.


A school newsletter is published fortnightly on a Wednesday.  Newsletters are sent home via email and posted onto our school Facebook page and website.  Some families ask that a paper copy of the newsletter is sent home with their children, please notify the office if you would like a hard copy. These keep you up to date with school activities. Please check your child's bag each Wednesday for a newsletter. 


If you would like to help in the classroom, the Library or with sports, music or art & craft activities please see the class teacher or the principal. We have a roster of parents who tutor individual children in reading on a regular basis.


The PTA organises staff and parent meetings, family functions, including an Annual Gala Day and other fundraising activities. In consultation with the staff and Board the PTA allocates the funds it raises for particular school needs. From time to time the PTA may organise personnel for special projects being undertaken by the school. The PTA committee consists of parents elected annually. Please consider joining this group to lend a hand.


From time to time visiting performers are invited to school.  Care is taken to ensure these visits link to our planned curriculum.

Physical Education and Sport: Physical Education includes swimming and fitness and is an important part of the curriculum. Please notify the school if your child needs to be exempt from Physical Education or sport for health reasons.


The quality of the curriculum is a feature of Sandspit Road School. Class programmes follow the guidelines contained in the NZ Curriculum Framework. Aspects of the English language, Mathematics and Health and Physical Well Being are visited every day. All other areas (Science, Social Studies, Technology and the Arts) are planned for weekly teaching or in blocks throughout each term. All programmes are arranged to provide a balance in terms of coverage of the essential learning areas, independent and group work and class and field based experiences.



Sandspit Road at 3 pm can be hazardous for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. Children are reminded about walking on the footpath and riding bikes well to the left in single file. Please drive carefully, park sensibly and report any breaches of road safety. Please avoid stopping in the bus bay. Park well clear of the pedestrian crossing so as not to restrict the vision of the children on road patrol. Please insist that your child uses the patrolled pedestrian crossing and please set an example by using the crossing yourself.


We seek to encourage an open door policy, sharing information between home and school. We use a profile (data) system to gather information on students' progress. A written report is sent home twice a year with the first one at the end of term 2 and a second report at the end of the year. Parent interviews are held in term one and term two.


Specialist Education Services provide support and guidance for schools when pupils are experiencing severe social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs. The "team" comprises Visiting Teachers, Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educationalist Psychologists and a Special Education Adviser. Our school is serviced from Papakura. In order to obtain any additional assistance a referral must be made to Specialist Education Services. For mild to moderate support our school receives service from the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, based at View Road School. referrals are made through the classroom teacher. Should your child be recommended for one to one assistance you will be contacted prior to the referral being made and you will be included in all conferences to determine and evaluate the Individual Education Programme, which is drawn up for your child.


All items of school stationery may be purchased from the office between 8:30 - 9:00 am. We value your support as profit is spent on school equipment. The class teacher will send home a stationery list, which includes compulsory charges towards photocopying paper.


The Board of Trustees has adopted a Uniform Policy which has seen uniforms became compulsory from January 2007. All uniforms will be sold at the uniform shop and prices include GST and embroidery costs. There is a wide choice of garments and a number of options available for boys and girls.


Please do not allow your child to bring valuable toys, electronics, jewellery etc. to school. We will not accept any responsibility for these items should they be damaged or lost.